Student Acquisition & Retention Solution

One in 5 students ends up not attending or leaving your university because “it’s not the right fit.” A student feeling “the right fit” is one of the single most important factors in college choice and retention.

With Yada, you can convert these feelings into actionable items and  easily tailor your recruiting and retention strategies to help each student begin to feel the “right fit” from the very beginning.

How Yada Works

This specialized SaaS platform integrates admissions, housing, and student life efforts, ensuring success where it matters most – knowing your students and your students knowing each other.


We’ve Got You Covered

Student Acquisition

Yada integrates with your ERP platform to customize your communication to students based on their personality type and interests to let them know just how right of a fit your institution is for them.

Campus Visits

Know which students are in your tour groups and have talking points based on their likes and dislikes using communication styles suggested from their assessment.

Roommate Matching

Having the same qualities and interests don’t always make for the best roommate match. Instead, let Yada suggest compatible roommates for students based on their personality type and communication style.

Student Orientation

Sure, icebreakers can help you understand the students that are in an orientation group, but what if you had a snap shot of every student’s personality and could place them into groups with compatible students? These new-found friendships can positively affect their entire campus experience.

Guidance Counseling

Reaching students on their comfort level of communication is so important. Yada provides tips on how to better communicate with a student and get to core issues in a way that is comfortable to them.


What if you retained 10 students that were projected to melt over the academic year? How much money would that bring in? Yada helps your students get the most out of their student experience simply by feeling as though they fit and curbs them from seeking out another institution.

Your students will receive their personalized Yada Report that provides them with:

 A step-by-step process for realizing instant results

 Proven and reliable guidance you can count on

 An upbeat and encouraging tone for positive outcomes

 Engaging exercises and numerous conversation starters

Group Reports

Yada provides your leadership team with snapshots of a group’s personality dynamics based on assessment data of the students within a specific population. A professor wants to know how to best interact with their class, a coach with their team, or an RA with their residents? Yada can help in any group dynamic to ensure the proper techniques are used based on the types of students within the group.

Contact us!

Fill out the information on the contact form and we’ll provide you with projections on how Yada can help you financially! We will also contact you with a time to schedule a demo should you be interested in learning more about the platform.

We will also send you a free Yada Assessment (a $35 value) to show you what your students and prospects will experience. Once you have the opportunity to experience Yada, let us know and we will also provide you with a demo experience site, branded with your institution logo, for you to run a test with your students and colleagues.

Ferris State University Housing was looking for a roommate matching tool and at the ASUG conference in Minneapolis 2018 we met Ranjy Thomas from Yada. We saw the presentation (ASUG) and contacted Ranjy and Adirondack about piloting Yada at FSU. In January 2019 we implemented Yada in THD we are a host school and the implementation was seamless. While we were predicted to have a decrease in freshman numbers for orientation 2019-20 we actually had a increase in freshman. We feel that Yada played a part in the recruiting of freshman for the 2019-20 school year. We opened our on campus 2020-21 contracting and are seeing an increase in retention on campus we believe Yada again is an important part of the retention process. Students say it’s easy to take took about 20 minutes. We cannot tell you enough about the potential Yada brings to the university. While FSU is using the roommate matching currently the Personality Assessment can be used to take the retention and recruitment process to another level.  Yada not only produces a snapshot single page with the students picture the 10 page student assessment is a tool that we are just starting to use in recruitment and retention. Since we implemented Yada we have also reduced conduct cases and roommate conflicts by 20%. The team at Yada and Adirondack have been very easy to work with and we look forward improving our acquisition and retention of current and future students! Bryan Marquardt

Director of Housing and Residence Life, Ferris State University